Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What a drag! (no pun intended)

So we tried getting a reservation in Winnie-Moore so we could show "Jumping the Broom" sometime next month....

No luck at all.

That's the bad part about reserving the stage spaces on this campus. If you don't get them ahead of time, there's no possible way you can get one. Especially if you're an organization (like us) that has a restricted schedule because its executive board and advisor are super busy!

Oh well...Darryl Stephens will have to wait... *le sigh*

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quick Update

We've finally got our first draft of the 13th Annual Drag Ball Flyer!!
Carly's pretty good, eh?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

First Meeting of the Semester

Today we had our first meeting of the semester.

We really had a lot to cover today, and we actually stayed until the lights in the University Center went out!

We first had a presentation from two men, John and James, from a new gay- and bi-men's organization in St. Louis called Rustin's Place. They sought our help in funding a feature film that would be shown on Webster's Campus if we were able to fund them. The film is titled "Jumping the Broom," and is sort of a precursor to the LGBT hit TV show "Noah's Arc." Although it only lasted two seasons on network LOGO, it was still very popular.

Darryl Stephens, who played the lead role on the show, is due to come to St. Louis along with the movie, much to our surprise. Getting to meet him would be a BLAST!

The exec board, Andrea (our faculty advisor), and the Rustin's Place guys negotiated after the initial meeting, with no definite conclusion. I'll be sure to mention that later.

We also discussed some unique advertising ideas for our Diversity Lock-In, which will be on February 27 this year, right after Vagina Monologues lets out. Our final conclusion came to handing out puzzle pieces to people challenging them to "find where they fit in." I hope all goes well with it.

We also discussed funding a movie hosted by the Multicultural Studies Committee. The movie is titled "They Call Me Troy." It's about a homosexual religious leader named Troy who struggles in a religious world that puts down people like himself. Here is a trailer:

Troy Perry will be coming to speak after the movie, as well! How exciting is that?!

Our next meeting will be February 5, which means we get a week off! Woohoo!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Drag Ball

Anybody remember Drag Ball from last year?

Our theme was "Hollywood," a theme decided by a small group of about ten people at our first meeting of the Spring Semster. Ideas flew around, and eventually we had our concept.
We managed to make a Hollywood-sign replica (much thanks to our former ECC, Kelsey) and hung it up on the back curtain. Miraculously, it stayed up the whole show.

After hours of setup and rushing to get last minute things prepared, the show finally came together.

For all you Webster Journal readers, you'll remember this picture, taken by Journal Photographer Colin Dabbs, of former Resident Assistant Matt Grant performing under the name "Mimi Amore." He gave quite an epic performance, and most certainly didn't look like himself in that cute little pink dress he had on.

Well, ladies and gents and everyone in between, we're at it again.

Our decided theme this year is "Circus." Yes, we understand that, coincidentally, Britney Spears just released a new album under the same title in December of last year. That was not our inspiration. Rather, we sought the classic Barnum & Bailey-type of circus theme, with that sort of dark twist.

More updates to come! Have a wonderful night!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

First post

Webster LGBTQ Alliance is Webster University's only student organization catered toward the support, education, and rights of Webster's vibrant LGBTQ population, and the allies who support them. Through events, meetings, and educational programs, LGBTQ Alliance is a vital part of the make-up of Webster's diversity.

Our officers for Spring 2009 are:

Nick D.: President
Justin R.: Vice President
Eva E.: Secretary
Lydia S.: Treasurer
Carly P.: Communications Coordinator

This semester is soon to bring us a big run for our money! We have many exciting events planned, including Drag Ball! Stay up-to-date with us as we begin on our journey into the Spring Semester.